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Tax Planning



  We started Capital Management Resources, LLC to provide solutions for your tax and investment needs. Wealth management clients who seek our assistance with investments tell us that federal income taxes are a significant expense item, and ask for our assistance in legally reducing their federal income tax burden. Tax laws are constantly changing and you need an investment advisor who is also an expert in federal income taxes to help safeguard you and your nest egg. Our CPA Firm began over 20 years ago, was built from the ground up, and has been helping individuals, business, and investment clients navigate and comply with the increasingly complex tax code. It makes sense for you to choose a “CPA Investment Advisor” who also has expert tax law knowledge. . We are proactive and on the cutting edge of new and proposed tax legislation and are constantly reviewing tax updates to protect you and your investments from the IRS. When an important tax law change occurs that will affect you or your investments, we will contact you immediately and recommend a tax strategy to minimize your tax liability.



  Your investments may be subject to current federal income taxes, deferred and taxed in future years, or considered tax-exempt. Investment transactions are subject to current taxation unless specifically identified in the US Tax Code. Asset held in a tax deferred account such as an annuity, IRA, or pension plan are not taxed until you withdraw funds and are considered ordinary income and taxed at your marginal rate. Assets which are not tax deferred or tax-exempt are subject to regular or capital gains tax treatment. Investments held at more than one year receive favorable capital gains tax rates. Currently, capital gains are taxed at 15%, except for certain real estate transactions which are subject to a 25% capital gains tax. Other investment assets such as gold and silver bullion are considered collectibles and taxed at 28%, unless held in a tax deferred account.

Don’t get caught up in inferior investment products that drive you over the cliff of higher taxes. We pay considerable attention to taxes when creating your investment portfolio and purchase investments receiving favorable capital gains in taxable accounts. Investments that do not receive capital gains treatment are purchased in tax deferred accounts. Toward year end, we will review your investment portfolio for loss harvesting to reduce potential capital gains. According to current tax law, we must wait 30 days to repurchase this security or be subject to the wash rule and will not receive credit for the capital loss. We monitor all of your investments to ensure that you receive the most favorable tax treatment available under the US Tax Code.



You may, now or in the future, own a Trust or Private Foundation. Perhaps you are a fiduciary responsible for asset management decisions and filing annual tax returns with the IRS. We can customize an investment portfolio to maximize your after tax risk adjusted rate of return and minimize federal tax encumbrance.

Business owners may engage us to review and compare business entities and recommend the highest tax advantaged entity to operate their business. These entities include Sole Proprietor, Partnership, Limited Liability Corporation, S-Corporation, and C-Corporations. We also offer ongoing tax planning and preparation for the above organizations.

We can answer your gift and estate tax questions. We will file the appropriate tax returns so you can maximize your annual and lifetime estate and gift tax exclusion. In addition, we can discuss family income splitting techniques such as: transfers to a family member, defective grantor trusts, and gifts of appreciated property.

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